Do you have any advice for someone who wants to become a voice actor?
     Read everything in this blog. Then follow this blog. Also, listen to this podcast. Bonus points: Read books aloud to small children.

How did you get into Funimation?
     The boring way, I'm afraid. I studied acting all my life, sent in a demo reel, got called in for small parts, and then slightly less small parts. Took about three years before my first named character.

Why do you draw a fish on your head in all your comics?
     It is a mystery.

Can you come to my local convention?
     I'd need an official invitation from the con. There's usually a place on the convention forums where you can request guests.

I work for a convention, and I'd like to extend an official invitation to you.
     Please contact me via one of the links below.

Can you cast/direct a project I'm working on?
     Let's talk about it! Contact me via one of the links below.

I hear you sometimes cast voices for other people's projects. How do I get you to cast me?
     Follow my casting group on facebook to be notified any time I am looking for people.

How can I get an audition at Funimation?
     The answer is on the official Funimation site somewhere. Doing research is one of the many things a good actor needs to be proficient in, so I'll let you find it on your own.

I have something else I need to ask.
     Feel free to drop me a message on any of the social networks listed below.