Voice Casting and Direction

Hi! My name is Ayu, and I want your project to sound great. I've worked on both sides of the mic, recording for others and producing my own work, and I want to help you find the perfect cast for your project.

What We Do

IUCasting provides casting and voice direction for your games, apps, animation, and any project needing a voice. We'll find actors for you, manage the ones you've got, and make sure everything sounds great.

We streamline the hiring and recording process, all while giving you the creative control to make your vision come to life.

We offer anything from custom voice packages for RPGs and battle games to full voiceovers for your entire project.

Client and Fan Response

"Excuse me while I fangirl and lose my professionalism for a second. I am *blown away* with how much more awesome they are than I expected. [...] *Happy with the voices!* I just wanna hug everyone who recorded."
--Aleema, Writer (Loren the Amazon Princess)

"The voice acting is equally notable [...] with the return of the stellar main ensemble of the previous two installments..."
--Kim Berkley, Reviewer, IGM (Yousei)

"The tones of the characters' voices, the actors' inflections, and how they deliver their lines are fantastic and uplift the game a surprising amount."
--Neal Chandran, Reviewer, RPGFan (Jisei, Kansei)

"Clearly this is where Ayu's day job comes in handy as she knows exactly what to bring out of the vocal cast [...] Big kudos goes to the voice talent who, under great direction, really made the voice acting worthwhile."
-JP, Reviewer, VNs Now! (Kansei)

"English voice actors were recruited from across the internet, and overall do a surprisingly good job. The recording is clean and professional, the voices fit each of the characters, and emotion is conveyed realistically."
-Thomas Zoth, Reviewer, Mania.com (Jisei)